Important clothing size charts

 Clothing sizes, women        

 Clothing sizes men (trousers)          
 Clothing sizes men (outerwear)          

 Clothing sizes, children           

 Glove sizes 
 Halter sizes: 
 00Foal/miniature Shetland (foal)
 0Shetland pony (P1)
 1Pony (P2)
 2Thoroughbred (cob)
 3Warmblood (full)
 4large warmblood (XFull)
 5Coldblood (XXFull)


How to measure your horse blanket correctly!

Graph for horse stature, back length and Floor measure
 Floor measureBack length
 up to 110 cm85 cm
 up to 120 cm95 cm
 up to 130 cm105 cm
 up to 140 cm115 cm
 up to 150 cm125 cm
 up to 160 cm135 cm
 up to 170 cm145 cm
 from 170 cm155 cm
 over 175 cm165 cm