Pivo - the AI training partner for equestrians.

Become a better rider with Pivo Pod Active

Pivo Pod Active allows you to track the horse with your smartphone, resulting in flawless footage while riding. Turn your smartphone into an auto-tracking camera that follows your horse as it moves. Pivo Pod Active is the perfect tool to record solo practice sessions, track your own training and become a better rider.
Advantages of Pivo Max

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360° horse tracking

Meet your new training partner

Pivo Pod Active allows you to capture highquality videos and images with 360° Horse Tracking and a wide range of accessories. It’s like having your own AI training partner.
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Automatic zooming and framing

Always stay in the frame

Pivo Pod Active adjusts the shot to keep the framing of your training videos smooth and seamless. Whether you move up close or further away, Pivo Pod Active knows how to get the perfect shot every time.
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Hands-free video calls

Remote training made easy

Connect with your trainer remotely and get live feedback on your technique. Whether you’re working on specific maneuvers or simply looking for guidance, Pivo makes it easy to train with your coach, no matter where you are.

Unleash your potential with Pivo Max

Pivo Pod Max is the ultimate tool for content creators, instructors, professionals, and casual riders. With AI-powered auto tracking, long-lasting battery, and the ability to support payloads up to 2 kg, Pivo Pod Max gives you the freedom and flexibility to capture stunning footage of you and your horse.
The Pivo Pod Max will be available from April 2023.
Advantages of Pivo Max
360° horse tracking

Capture your horse-riding sessions like never before.

Pivo’s advanced AI technology keeps your horse in frame, no matter how fast you move. Whether you’re honing your routine or just enjoying a casual ride, Pivo Pod Max’s horse tracking will elevate your training videos and photos.
Long-lasting Battery

Never miss a moment

With up to 12 hours of battery life, Pivo Pod Max allows you to capture every moment of your equestrian journey, without worrying about running out of power.
Compatible with more devices

Expand your training toolkit

Whether you prefer to shoot on a smartphone, tablet, or camera, Pivo Pod Max can support payloads up to 2 kg, giving you the flexibility to use the device that best fits your needs and style.

Train and improve with Pivo App+

Mit der App von Pivo das gesamtes Reitsportleben mühelos aufnehmen und teilen.
Verwenden Sie Pivo Pod Active oder Pivo Pod Max mit der Pivo App+, um ansprechenden und inspirierenden Content zu erstellen
Piktogramm für die Pivo App
  • Train smarter with accurate, smooth tracking
  • Share your progress and get feedback
  • Analyze your rides and improve

Record your training for longer with the Pivo Power Bank

Pivo Max mit Pivo Power Bank Pivo Power Bank is a fast, convenient way to charge your Pivo Pod Active, Pivo Pod Max and other devices. With a 9,000 mAh battery, you now have the power to record your training for longer, while 4 LED indicators keep you
notified of the battery status. Compatible with any 1/4” tripod.

The Pivo Power Bank will be available from April 2023.

The essential Pivo accessory

Mobile Phone Holder PivoSmart Mount
Pivo Smart Mount

Capture the best angle. Smart Mount is the essential Pivo accessory for capturing the right angle when riding. Tilt it forward up to 25° and back up to 90° to get the best shot. The 360-degree ball joint makes switching from vertical to horizontal insanely easy. The universal clamp works with most smartphones.
Pivo Tripod
Pivo Tripod

The telescopic joint allows you to adjust the tripod to any desired height up to 160 cm to get any desired angle. Pivo Tripod is designed for Pivo , but can also support other devices and cameras. The lightweight high-strength construction is 5.25 feet/160 cm long and supports up to 6.6 lb/3 kg of weight.
Travel Bag Pivo TravelCase Mini
Pivo Travel Case Mini

Protect your Pivo on the move. The compact, lightweight Travel Case Mini is perfectly designed to keep your Pivo Pod and remote safe and protected while you're on the move. The precision fit semi-rigid hard shell is lightweight and durable with a compact design.
Travel Bag Pivo TravelCase Premium
Pivo Travel Case Premium

Lined with black vegan leather, the semi-rigid hard shell is lightweight and protects the contents. Designed with a tight-fitting, sturdy Velcro closure and zips to ensure your Pivo Pod Active, Pivo Tripod and Pivo Smart Mount are safe and secure. The transport bag impresses with style and function!

You have questions or problems to adjust Pivo Pod correctly?

Please find on the website support.pivo.ai various supports to use your Pivo Pod properly. Especially for your riding lessons with your Pivo pod you can find here: Pivo for horse & rider - tips & tricks. The support site is available in many languages.

Is your Pivo not working as you expect it to? Do you have suggestions for improving the product? Contact Pivo support .